•  The retreat is open to registered ladies & teens only

  • All sessions are held at Senator Hotel

  • Offerings will be collected

  • Scent-free conference

  • Bring your Bible, pen & a notebook

  • Once we announce our Outreach Opportunity you will have the opportunity to bring a donation as suggested 


2018 Retreat Date: March 2 & 3

Please note: the 2018 Retreat has already taken place.
You can see some photos in the Testimonies page.
We will inform you of upcoming events.

Plans Available


For REGISTRATION PRIOR TO RETREAT DATE: (Includes total of 3 sessions each)

  1. Ladies' Plan  -  $ 50.00 

  2. Teens' Plan (12-18 yrs)  -  $ 30.00 


For REGISTRATION DURING RETREAT: (Includes total of 3 sessions each)

​  3.  Ladies' Plan  -  $ 60.00 

  4.  Teens' Plan (12-18 yrs)  - $ 40.00 


OR - I will attend individual sessions

  5.  Ladies' Plan  -  $ 20.00 per session (There are 3 sessions in total to choose from.)

  6.  Teens' Plan  -  $ 12.00 per session (There are 3 sessions in total to choose from.)



Please choose ONE of the options below:


            1.  Fill out & submit the registration form today and pay with PayPal; or

            2.  Print out the registration form and mail your payment with a cheque; or

            3.  You can also choose to register at the door, keeping in mind that you will

                  be paying the prices for "Registration During Retreat" or individually.


The forms are below for you to complete your registration.


Thank you.

Option 1.  Online Registration Form

Please note: To be eligible for the Free Registration Draw, the Registration Form must be submitted no later than February 10, 2018. Thank you.

 Submit Online Today with your PayPal Payment

Option 2.  Printable Registration Form

To print a copy of the Brochure and mail your Registration Form please click here

Please make cheque payable to: Northern Ladies Retreat

Please mail to: Margaret Ladouceur, 541 Hemlock Street, Timmins, ON P4N 6T6

Please note: To be eligible for the Free Registration Draw, the envelope must be post-marked

no later than February 10, 2018. Thank you.

Option 3.  Register at the Door

Please note: The prices will be as listed under "Registration During Retreat" or individually:

Ladies' Plan - $60.00; Teens' Plan (12-18 yrs) - $40.00;  

or individual sessions - Ladies - $20.00; Teens - $12.00














We look forward to seeing you!

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**Outreach Opportunity**


Hope Comfort Kits for the Homeless

Julie Levesque, a stay-at-home Mom distributes Hope Comfort Kits to the homeless containing basic hygiene products and some food items.

Julie has a Facebook page here.


Any donation of the following list would be a great help to put together these kits (most of the items can be found for $1.00 at Dollarama, Dollar Tree

or dollar bins at Walmart):

  • Shampoo

  • Men & Women's Deodorant

  • Bars of Soap

  • Mini Kleenex packs

  • Wet Wipes

  • Hand Sanitizers

  • Bandaids

  • Mini Hand Lotion

  • Q-Tips

  • Mini Vaseline jars

  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste

  • Socks

  • Mini Bibles, Tracts

  • Granola Bars, Chocolate Bars, Trial Mis, Nuts, Instant Oatmeal packets, Soup envelope packets, Hot Chocolate packets, Boost drinks, Cough Drops, Werther's candies.


Your help is appreciated very much. Thank you.

Is Jesus Christ Lord & Master of your life?

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