Mary-Lue Mahaffey


Mary-Lue Mahaffey is a passionate Bible teacher, small group facilitator and mentor. She loves opening God’s Word in communities and seeing people draw closer to the Lord.


Originally born in the Philippines, Mary-Lue grew up in the GTA and later lived in Sudbury where she attended Laurentian University and served on InterVarsity student leadership.


She has taught overseas in Sweden at a Torchbearer school, and completed her Masters of Theological Studies in Hamilton. She worked for the Alberta government as a youth worker on a Native Reserve in the Rockies and since has been heavily involved in working alongside the Anishinaabe people in Northern Ontario.


One of her greatest desires is to know and love God and see others experience His deep love.


She has spoken at Women’s Retreats, Youth Gatherings and various churches in Ontario and Sweden. Her desire is to see God’s truth and love transform the lives of people God is working in and invites her to be a part of.


In her free time Mary-Lue is often snowboarding, playing basketball and other sports, along with exploring the outdoors and the beauty of God’s creation with friends, 'little sisters’ and family.


Currently Mary-Lue is transitioning to live in the North and work full time in Native communities as a part of DayStar Native Outreach in partnership with her home church. 

Guest Speakers


Throughout the retreat, there are sessions with Guest Speakers.


The speakers are always thoughtfully prayed through to uplift, encourage, inspire,

motivate and strengthen your walk with the Lord.

Ladies' Speaker for our 2016 Retreat

Margaret Gibb was our Ladies' Speaker for the 2015 Retreat.

Her messages are here for you to listen to & enjoy:

Revival - When One Woman Says Yes to God - Margaret Gibb 02-27-2015 p.m.
00:00 / 00:00
Knowing Who You Are - Margaret Gibb 02-28-2015 a.m.
00:00 / 00:00
Revival Begins in Me - Margaret Gibb 02-28-2015 p.m.
00:00 / 00:00
Fully His - Margaret Gibb 03-01-2015 a.m.
00:00 / 00:00

Messages from our Past Retreats

Ladies' Speaker for our 2017 Retreat

Ruth Coghill

A former teacher and sales executive, Ruth is an international speaker, author and founder of Words To Inspire - Lifelong Empowerment From God’s Word.  This ministry exists to provide resources to strengthen each person’s faith through the memorizing, meditating, studying and applying of God’s Word.

For several years Ruth hosted her own radio show, which aired in Ontario and the Maritimes. Many shows are posted on her website at and on HopeStream Internet radio each Sunday.


In 2014 Ruth was appointed Canadian Coordinator for Women Together. Her responsibilities include the development of Peer Mentoring Retreats for women in leadership and providing On-line Leadership Conversations with global leaders.


Presently she is writing four Bible studies. Called the WOW series: Woman of Worth; Lifelong Empowerment From Psalm 139; Woman of the Word-A Memorizing Scripture Experience; Woman of Wisdom-Covenant Truths Woven Throughout the Pages of Ruth and Woman of Worship-A Walk through the Old Testament Tabernacle and on to New Testament  Jesus.

Each study is four lessons for the time-constrained woman. The first in the series, Woman of Worth, has an accompanying teaching DVD and has been translated into three languages: Spanish, Nepalese and Mandarin.

Ruth’s vivacious personality, love of life and people, brings a transparency that is both inspiring and empowering to her audiences everywhere!

She is married to Bob and together they have four adult children and ten grandchildren. Ruth enjoys skiing, skating, Pickleball (have you heard of it?) and travelling with Bob to other countries in ministry.

“My passion is to motivate women to embrace life-changing truths through reading, studying, memorizing and applying God’s Word. What a delight to encourage and develop Christian leaders to fulfill their divine potential and calling.” 



Ladies' Speaker for our 2018 Retreat

Lynda Schultz

Missionary, teacher, author, passionate student of the Scriptures, and cat lover, Lynda was born and raised in Timmins, Ontario, in the heart of gold mining country, in northeastern Ontario, Canada. 

Lynda served with Fellowship International for most of her ministry career, beginning in Medellín, Colombia in 1976 and ending in 2010 after fifteen years of ministry in Caracas, Venezuela. She also served on Home Staff with The Fellowship as Communications Coordinator between those two overseas assignments, and as Director of Christian Education in three Ontario churches. 

She is the author of Divine Design for Daily Living, a 365-day devotional journey through the Bible, published both in Spanish and English editions. Her most recent book, Ordinary People With An Extraordinary God, was published in 2013. Several of her short stories appear in anthologies published by FAITHWRITERS (with more on the way). She is currently working on a third book, In the Shadow of a Cross. Lynda is also a regular blogger. Find her at: and among several other spots!


Lynda is a member of Calvary Baptist Church in Guelph, Ontario, where she teaches two weekly Bible studies, works with a Mission Coaching Team. She also volunteers as a digital archivist with The Fellowship, and as a conversation partner in outreach ministry with International Student Ministries.


“But no one's identity is hooked to what they do, or have done, in life. If I can say I long for any ‘claim to fame’ it is as a believer in Jesus Christ, and as a follower of the Way of the Cross. My desire is to wisely pour out the life of Christ that has been given to me because of His amazing grace in a way that will excite in others the desire to know Him more intimately.”



Is Jesus Christ Lord & Master of your life?

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