On Saturday, February 28, 2015, workshops were offered for you.

Here we introduce your workshop leaders. This information will be updated for the 2016 Retreat. 

Lynda Schultz


Lynda Schultz is an educator,

Bible teacher, former missionary

to Colombia and Venezuela

and author.


She is currently Managing Editor

of THRIVE, the national publication

of The Fellowship of Evangelical

Baptist Churches in Canada.


Saying YES to God's Word

None of us would choose to eat a piece of steak that has already been chewed by someone else. But when it comes to our interaction with God's Word we settle for

what others have said, what they have

already "re-chewed" rather than

discovering for ourselves what God's

Spirit is saying through the Scriptures.

In this workshop we will explore some

basic ways to "chew" the Word for

ourselves. If the flavour of steak is

better if someone else hasn't already

chewed it, then the "flavour" of the

Word of God is that much spicier and

sweeter when we chew it ourselves.

Rita Magny


Rita has been married to Al for 52

years. She is a mother of Paul, Rock

and Lynn with 9 grandchildren and

4 great-grandchildren.


Throughout the years, Rita has been

in leadership in her church and

other capacities. She has a zeal for

God's Word.

       Dealing with the Winds         

& Waves of Life

In our life's journey, we will take a cruise,

with some destination stops.

A. Exploration

(30-40 yrs old) Adventure

B. Historical

(40-50 yrs old) Reality of Life

C. Establishment

(50 - 60 yrs old) Change of Landscape

D. Survey

(60 - 70 yrs old) Adjusting

How to maneuver through it all.

John 16:33

Melodie Ghent


Melodie has lived in the Kirkland Lake

area with her husband, Graham, and 5 children for 9 years after being clearly

called to the “North” by the Lord. 


She is a stay-at-home mom with a heart

for kid's and women’s ministries, with an outreach focus, who, with her husband enjoys having people into their home.


What does God want

me to do?

This is a question that task-oriented, purpose driven women who love Jesus Christ often ask. The good news is that, no matter what our gifting or where we find ourselves in life, God’s Word has given us the answer - “Encourage one another daily as long as it is called today.” Hebrews 3:13. Before we can learn how to practically encourage one another, we must first understand the heart behind our actions and character of a Godly encourager. Join me as we look into the life of one of the Bible’s greatest examples (apart from Jesus himself) and be encouraged to encourage others for His glory. 

Is Jesus Christ Lord & Master of your life?

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