Frequently Asked Questions


We hope you find this FAQ section helpful. The questions have been composed from frequently asked 

questions in the past. There is a form below if you still have questions that you would like us to answer.

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Is the retreat interdenominational?


Yes, the retreat is interdenominational, meaning that it is open to everyone.


Why is the day session so expensive?


We include the option of paying per session because some people can only attend one session. Most retreats don't give you this option. This is also great for newcomers to try it out if they've never been here before.


Please keep in mind that you can pay 3 sessions for the full weekend @ $50.00. We're actually very low compared to other retreats.


Why don't we have lunches included in the retreat?


In the past we did have lunches included in the retreat, but with the rising costs of the hotel preparation it became no longer feasible or making sense to have a meal that would charge fees that are viewed as unreasonable. An example would be for one soup, sandwich, coffe and salad we would be charged an additional $28.00 from the hotel to provide this for you.


Please note: This year we have reserved the Golden Dragon for lunch at 12 noon. The price is at your own cost. We look forward to fellowhipping with you during our lunch together.


Can we cater a lunch?


The hotel does not allow us to cater meals, although we do have consent to order pizza for Friday night. 

It is the hotel policy to not bring in any food.


Are there restaurants and shopping close?


Within walking distance from the hotel are several restaurants, including La Chaumiere, Wendy's, London Cafe (Chinese), Cozy Corners (Chinese) and there's ready-made food at Pick of the Crop.


There is the Timmins Square shopping mall located approximately 4.8 km (7 minutes without traffic) West of the hotel with several restaurants and shopping venues in between and downtown.


What does it mean to believe in Jesus and be saved? 


To believe in Jesus and be saved is to welcome Jesus into your heart, to love and serve Him and have Him Lord of your life, free from an eternal separation from Him. We have further explanations for you on the Welcome page after "Our mission, vision". Please be encouraged to contact us to answer any more questions and please be welcome to join us at the Retreat. We would love to give you more information and lead you to a wonderful new life with Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. 


Do you still have questions? 


You are welcome to use the form below to submit any questions or comments that you have.  We welcome the opportunity to meet you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Is Jesus Christ Lord & Master of your life?

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