Here we introduce your workshop leaders from Saturday, February 27, 2016.

Here we introduce your workshop leaders. This information will be updated for the 2017 Retreat. 

Darlene Hastings


Darlene Hastings (Major) is an ordained minister in The Salvation Army. She has been married to George for 25 years and presently they live in Kirkland Lake co-pastoring the Kirkland Lake and Timmins churches. God has blessed her with three sons, and one daughter. 


She loves to teach the Word and encourage others to plunge into its pages with abandonment allowing God to reveal Himself afresh to them.

       The Rest of Holiness


Do you feel like you’re on a continuous treadmill going nowhere spiritually? Or are you up and down like a yo-yo experiencing spiritual highs then feeling like you’re in the pits of despair?  Life can be hard but God is still in control.  He invites us to “Enter the Rest of Holiness.” Considering Him in ALL our ways and trusting Him to be with us is something we learn to do better and better as we grow in our relationship with Christ. We trust Him because He is GOD. He intimately loves us and invites us to learn at His feet and to enjoy Him now and forever.  As the song says, “There’s no place I’d rather be, than in your arms of love” and this is the rest of holiness. Come rest in His love together as we explore this teaching. 

Lynda Schultz


Lynda Schultz is an educator,

Bible teacher, former missionary

to Colombia and Venezuela

and author.


She is currently Managing Editor

of THRIVE, the national publication

of The Fellowship of Evangelical

Baptist Churches in Canada.




How our speech refects the condition of our hearts.


Have you ever watched a moth circling an open flame? The call of that flame seems irrestible as the moth gets closer and closer. Is he thinking, “Let’s see how close I can get without being burned?”


Well, I can’t comment on the thought processes of a moth, but the illustration resembles many of the things we do and say as professing believers—we try to get as close to resembling the world without actually being part of it. Like the moth, we often get too close and end up coming away more than just a little “singed.” One of the places this tendency turns up is in our speech.


Do you know what you are saying when you post OMG as a comment on FACEBOOK or say “Holy Crap” in a conversation? Let’s talk about words and how we use them and why we may want to rethink what we say.


The Scriptures say a lot about our speech—that means that what we say is important to Him, just as it should be to us.

Maureen Fulson


Maureen has been married to Pastor Karl for 40 years, they live in Haileybury, Ontario with their singing dog, Tip. Her experiences have given her empathy to minister hope to those suffering from trauma and grief. 



Also, Maureen's farm background has given her the ability to teach Bible truths with practical application. 



She has two children, two grandchildren and two grandsons due in December of 2015. Pretty exciting times! 


Faith Hope Love


Faith because we know that without it we cannot

please God. Hebrews 11:6


Hope because it is a plan for our faith.  "Faith is the confidence that what we HOPE for will actually happen" Hebrews  11:1 (a) NLT   


Yes, people of God, DO GET YOUR HOPES UP!


Love because everything works by love.

1 Corinthians 13: 2,3.  When I love I am something and when I love I gain something.  Why is that?






Peigi Kunkel


Peigi is an Organist, Music Director

and Lay Minister at St. John's

Lutheran Church and also Organist

at St. Paul's Anglican Church.


She wears many hats looking after

the musical needs in two churches,

besides balancing a hectic career

as an Avon Sales Rep.


Holiness in Our Every Day Lives


Have you ever wondered what is really happening in your life?


Where does God fit into all the busyness of family life, demanding schedules, and career responsibilities and how can that be holy?


Well, sit down,

take a deep breath,

and explore with me all the ways that God orchestrates, challenges and matures us

using those things that we think have

nothing to do with being holy.

Is Jesus Christ Lord & Master of your life?

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