Special  Events

Throughout the year, we will be visiting different communities in the Northern region offering special events for you.

Our hope is to stay connected between the annual conferences to bring you hope and encouragement.

Together we are stronger.

2019 Life Conference : Sharing, Caring, Praying

2019 Life Conference : Sharing, Caring, Praying

“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”  Philippians 1:21

The Northern Ladies Retreat held a Life Conference in Timmins at the First Baptist Church.

We want to thank Marilyn and the ladies from the Baptist Church for hosting this event.

Many thanks to Johanna and Alana for sharing.


Our hearts were challenged by the teaching from the Apostle Paul’s  letter to the Philippians. While Paul was in prison awaiting trial. He writes to encourage the believers in Philippi and to us to rejoice in spite of our difficulties or circumstances. In Christ we choice to rejoice in the most difficult moments of our lives. Our joy in the Lord transcends our circumstance. Rejoicing is to be our habitual emotion as Christians. 


Our afternoon together was an excellent time of fellowship! 

2018 Life Conference : Sharing, Caring, Praying

"The God of Heaven will give us success.” Nehemiah 2:20

Dear Ladies;

Blessings to you all in the Name and Grace of our Lord Jesus. 

Once again we will be hosting a Life Conference, sponsored by the Northern Ladies Retreat. We have started a new, one-afternoon event that is separate from our annual Winter Retreat.

We held our first Life Conference in Swastika, then in South Porcupine. Last year it was held in Timmins and this year it will be held in Englehart. It is our goal to host a Life Conference in different communities in the North in the Fall. Let us know your interest and your community could be the next one!

This year’s conference will be held at the Living Way Church on 142 4th Ave, Englehart, Saturday September 22, 2018 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. 

There will be an encouraging life message taken from the book of Nehemiah. “ The God of Heaven will give us success.” Nehemiah 2:20. It will be a wonderful time of sharing, caring and praying.

There will be a $10.00 fee which will include coffee and light snacks. There’s no pre-registering, but please spread the word, as all ladies are welcome. 

The committee and myself are looking forward to spending our afternoon together. Blessings! Corinna

2017 Life Conference : Sharing, Caring, Praying

Kathryne shares her thoughts from the October 2017 Life Conference

“The Life Conference was a refreshing way to spend a Saturday afternoon. It’s wonderful to join in prayer with women from different denominations, coming together as one for Christ. We could feel the strength in unity as we shared and prayed together. Being Sisters in Christ, the sense of caring was very present. It was wonderful to have teachings that were based on the Word of God. I went home uplifted, challenged, strengthened and encouraged. We need each other. Together we are definitely stronger.”

2016 Life Conference : Called to be More

Women Together September 8-10, 2016

Called to be More

What a super weekend Ruth Coghill, our Canadian Coordinator for Women Together and I had, September 8-11, 2016 in South Porcupine and Timmins in partnership with the Northern Ladies Retreat!  

On September 8 and 9th, we had the privilege of spending quality time with 6 leaders and found their stories inspiring and their passion to fulfill what God is calling them to do very encouraging. We believe in the leadership among women in the North and know that God is at work to usher a new season. "Behold I will do a new thing..." is now happening!  

Then to spend Saturday, September 10 at the South Porcupine Pentecostal Church with 52 women wanting to be empowered "To Be More", only added to what we were sensing as a new calling from God. It is time! We are "Called to be More!" When women respond to God's call, resolve to be in God's Word and become "Women of the Word" things will begin to happen!

We are very grateful to Corinna Bourget and her wonderful team for the opportunity to partner with the Northern Ladies Retreat for this memorable God-appointed, God-anointed weekend. Let there be more!

We will continue to hold you in our hearts, will pray for you and will champion your needed ministry.

Margaret Gibb
Founder and Director
Women Together

2015 Life Conference

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